New Quinceanera Dresses

Professional tips for quinceanera party, 2013 quinceanera dress show and new quinceanera dress collections from

New Quinceanera Dresses - Professional tips for quinceanera party, 2013 quinceanera dress show and new quinceanera dress collections from

Special Birthday with Unique Sweet 16 Dresses

New Quinceanera Dress, one of the top suppliers of quinceanera dresses and special-occasion dresses in the market, is launching a promotion for sweet 16 dresses, up to 60% off, to help girls to stand out for the special birthday.

Happy sixteenth birthday! At a girl’s sixteenth birthday, she must be the center of attention. How to dress to be the heart-stopping belle of the ball, has been a wish of every girl who will have her 16 birthday.

Perter Li, CEO of NewQuinceaneraDress, said, “New Quinceanera Dress is to transform yourself into a princess for your sweet sixteen party in one of the amazing dresses from NewQuinceaneraDress. We have your party perfect dress to make you the party girl extraordinaire. Short dresses that are flirty and fun or long halter top and strapless dresses that add a touch of elegance. Perfect for your sweet 16 celebration, holiday party, or graduation these sweet dresses will make any occasion special.”

Most Popular Purple and Aqua Blue Quinceanera Dres with  Organza Ruffles

The Most Popular Purple and Aqua Blue Quinceanera Dres Sweetheart Ruffles Organza Ball Gown

NewQuinceaneraDress, with its own group of top designers, help each girl to grab the spotlight in few seconds. Each sweet sixteen dress from New Quinceanera Dress is for the latest fashion, couture style, sleeveless and full length. The available colors are purple haze, peacock, white, Ivory and more.

Gina Cadle, a customer of Merle Dress sweet 16 dresses, said, “I am absolutely in love with my dress!!! It is beautifully made…with lining, boning, padding and a bra strap at the back. It needs to wear an actual bra!! I unpicked the beading in the flower and received so many compliments on it. I bought it to wear at a ball!! The service from Merle Dress is great, and it arrived earlier than expected! I will order a rehearsal dinner dress in these days. Thanks so much!!! ”

Sweet sixteen dresses should be stored in a dry room (not the basement). If possible, drape dresses over a chair instead of hanging them up. If you must hang your sweet sixteen or prom dress, hang them like pants folded over the hanger. A dress steamer is necessary to remove any excess wrinkles on the dress.

About New Quinceanera Dresses is the leading supplier of Quinceanera dresses, prom dresses, other special-occasion dresses like girls’ holiday dresses, etc. Quinceanera Dress started with a basic idea of helping women dress better and is now famous for its outstanding quality in fabric, materials, and fit without the inconvenience and costs of traditional bridal boutiques and retailers.

Quinceanera Dresses Company Announced New Addition Of Unique Quinceanera Dresses

NewQuinceaneraDresses, a China-based online store for quinceanera dresses, has just lately announced the addition of unique quinceanera dresses to its wedding dresses 2013 collection. In accordance with Morry Lee, CEO of this organization, they’re going to launch new types weekly to enrich their solution line.

The new released more than 900 vintage quinceanera dresses come in a variety of attractive styles. The elite design crew from NewQuinceaneraDresses has embedded the most recent trends within this assortment. Regardless of attractive sleeveless vintage quinceanera dresses, or V-neck beading vintage quinceanera dresses, women can come across their dream dresses to display off their ideal features.

Morry Lee says, ”As an important form of formal dresses, quinceanera dresses might be the proper alternative whenever you are attending occasions on which formal dresses are essential. Purchasing wedding dresses from NewQuinceaneraDresses is a wise decision. All the dresses provided here are of reasonable prices for women, who can own their dresses by spending minor income.”

In addition to vintage quinceanera dresses, NewQuinceaneraDresses is giving hefty discount rates on its line of women’s dresses, which include standard wedding ceremony dresses, casual quinceanera dresses, classy bridesmaid dresses, lovely cocktail dresses, and much more. In addition, custom quinceanera dresses and plus size quinceanera dresses can be found at

plus size quinceanera dresses

This blue quinceanera dress features a special bodice which is strapless neckline with the bustline accented with a band. The whole bodice is decorated with embroidery. The pick ups on the skirt make it look like many layers, adding interest to the dress. A lace up corset style closure in the back secures the dress in place.

About is offering extensive and stylish collections of quinceanera dresses and other special-occasion dresses at acceptable low prices, and its products include quinceanera dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses, and more. They have vowed to provide their own quinceanera dresses without sacrificing the top-quality materials and fast delivery.

Red Quinceanera Dresses – Burgundy Sweet 16 Dresses

If you are looking for the best, cheaper but top quality red quinceanera dresses, then you are in the right place. It is also the right article to go through it you have a special liking for theses dresses. You can also be the perfect princess in your designer white quinceanera gown. This will help you to make your quinceanera celebration a day to recall with flowing layers that speak your own style. Your parents, family, friends, and court will love just how beautiful you are inside and out. These lovely gowns are beautiful with tons of details on the layers of tulle, taffeta and organza. Just put in mind that every time you need to comply with more conservative church restrictions you can wear a beautiful jacket  on top of your strapless gowns. If it is your weeding day, remember that this is a great day for you and had waited it for long time and you should not spoil anything. You will need to be presented in your very own unique designer wedding gown. Whether you will be walking hand and hand with your parents or at the time you are taking your first dance, there is that need to look and feel like the princess you are. Your quinceanera is all about making you feel like a princess, that’s why you get to wear the tiara. Cinderella’s Closet has the quinceanera dress that will make you shine like a star on your wedding day. You’ll be a vision in your very own wedding gown. Multiple layers of ruffles, beautiful embroidery, and modest designs are perfect for you. Your family, friends and court will be bursting with pride and excitement when they are with you all through.  Your quinceanera is an affair only to rival your wedding day, so it has got to be spectacular. Whether you are looking for traditional elegance or show stopping sparkle in a quinceanera dress, Cinderella’s Closet can help you find what you’re looking for.

 Red Quinceanera Dress Halter Tulle Beading Ball Gown

Pretty Red Quinceanera Dress Halter Tulle Beading Ball Gown,So gorgeous ball gown dress includes design of halter neck which is generally considered more provocative than other style. You can find that beading decorate the whole bodice which looks charming. The bare back of this V-neck gown will make you looks demure. Dressing the red ball gown, you will light up the night. Throughout the full maxi dress, the elegant and poised temperature is displayed entirely. What’s more, no matter what color you chose, the amazing effect won’t lose. And the lace up design will fit you better.

When it comes to the gift giving time you will be in a position of providing the best gifts ever. This is because the quinceanera can be given like the many traditional gifts which bear some symbolic meaning with them. As quinceanera’s began as religious ceremonies many of the gifts have religious significance. A quinceanera is given earrings to remind her to listen to God, a tiara to symbolize her transition to a princess of the family, a bracelet or ring to represent the circle of life, and a bible or cross for faith in God, herself, and her family.

There are also a number of beautiful styles for summer you can go for. These dresses have brilliant colours, flowing fabrics, and trend detailing that will leave you turning heads on the warm nights ahead. The professional stylists are always looking for the latest and greatest dresses where you can be up to date when it comes to fashion and to keep your checking back. Everyone needs to look trendy and stylish with the current fashion release. Many people like to buy this clothes without even knowing what it takes to make them readily available in the market. It is very easy and simple to design these dresses. Here ia a tep-by-step guide on how you can design a red quinceanera dress.

The Quinceaños celebration, a coming-of-age party for Latin American girls, often involves as much preparation as a wedding. A Quinceañera dress is traditionally a big, elaborate ball gown, often described as a “confection,” though it can be made in any style the celebrant wants. The dresses can be expensive, but you can design and make your own when following some few basic steps. You will first need to have a Sketchbook and pencil. Some dress reference pictures will also be very important where you will be able to come up with some formal dress patterns. Here are the instructions you will be required to follow. After gathering a variety of reference pictures of formal dresses that you like. There is a need to study them first to determine which dress elements you like most. Note that, with Quinceañera dresses, it is much better when you keep them big as possible.

After you now know what you need to have for your dress, sketch a few possible dresses, using the photos as reference. You can also pair a few different elements to create different looks for a basic design that you will be satisfied with. Make the desired measurements of the Quinceanera at the bust, waist, hip, back waist length and skirt length. Fine-tune the sketch keeping in mind the proportions you would like to achieve. Make any adjustments to the dress based on this drawing. Look for bodice and skirt a pattern that resembles the sketch, or draft your won pattern. You can also find extravagant designs in vintage gown patterns. You may have to buy several patterns in the size you need and combine various sections to create your design.

After that, pin the pattern to a length of muslin fabric, and cut out the pieces. Stitch together each part of the pattern, then press all seams open. Fit the Quinceanera red dress to the wearer, and mark any adjustments that have to be made. Make sure she is fitted wearing the same foundations she will have at the celebration. Make any adjustments directly on the muslin. Carefull take the muslin red dress apart at the seams with a seam ripper to use for pattern pieces. You are now ready to make the finished version of your red quinceanera dresses.

Beautiful Quinceanera Dresses for Your Sweet 16 Party

It’s your birthday and one of the most important things is loving the dress you celebrate in. Qinceaneras are a time to celebrate with family and close friends, and you can do it in style with one of the many qinceanera dress selections available at We offer a wide array of beautiful qinceanera dresses and gowns that will fit any type of qinceanera party. Whatever your style, we your dress waiting at New Quinceanera Dresses

There are as many ways to celebrate Quinceanera as there are families who celebrate it. Each party is going to be a different occasion, with some families taking the traditional route – a formal occasion where the church plays a role – and others choosing a more relaxed, modern approach. This means when picking the gown or dress for your Qinceanera party, it’s important to take into account not only the way your dress looks on you, but the way it fits into the occasion you’ve been looking forward to celebrating with so much eagerness!

White and Black Quinceanera Dress Strapless Special Fabric Sequins and Hand Made Flowers Ball Gown


Qinceanera dresses can be long, ball gown style affairs which play up the traditional beginnings of this custom. If your Qinceanera party is going to be a tradition event – mom, dad, your godparents, and that special someone taking you out on the dance floor to celebrate your coming of age, then you’ll want to choose a dress that is flattering but modest, with an air of formality about it. In this situation, you’re likely to be around a number of close family members, including older generations – so you don’t want to wear something with hems that go too high up or necklines that plunge too low! The majority of dresses and occasions will fall into this category, especially given the traditional nature of a Qinceanera.

If your Qinceanera party is going to be a laid-back occasion in a more modern setting, (maybe your family is bigger on the party side than the religious!) a shorter dress with cute patterns and colors is entirely appropriate. Fun, playful dresses with detailed feathers and patterns can liven up the occasion. This is definitely not an occasion where you want to get too risque, and remember that even in informal settings, Qinceanera is your chance to become a young lady, so make sure your dress shows you off in your best light.

If the site of your Qinceanera party is likely to be cold, it might be a good idea to bring along a shawl or cute jacket, although once you’re out on the dance floor shaking your stuff, you’ll be less likely to notice if the air conditioning’s on full blast; still, this isn’t a night you want to worry about whether you’re too hot or too cold so it’s always better to be prepared.

Whether formal or informal, when it comes to the fit you want to make sure that your beautiful qinceanera dress gives you room to move – after all, a big part of this occasion is the dancing and you don’t want to be worried about whether or not you can get your boogie on in a dress that doesn’t give you room to breathe!


This year’s Qinceanera dresses are dominated by ballgown styles and bare shoulders, with accentuated waists and for the most part, long hems that skim the floor. A lot of dresses feature bright colors – jewel tones and primaries, with some silvers and golds as well. Hollywood glamor gives longer gowns an air of sophistication, harking back to awards show red carpets over the last few years. Shorter dresses with spaghetti straps (or no straps at all) accentuate your chest and legs, and make your choice of shoe and necklace even more important.


Qinceanera dresses come in as many colors as they do shapes and sizes – so there’s bound to be a color that suits your complexion perfectly. Try on a number of colors and see what you like best, and what your parents and friends (and that impartial shop assistant) recommend. If a dress you like isn’t available in the color you want, you might be able to have something custom made, or find it at another retailer – just remember that to take this route you need to start looking for your Qinceanera early on rather than leaving it to the last minute.

This season there are dresses available in eye-popping colors: hot pinks, lime greens, stunning blues, glittering golds, and ethereal whites – just to name a few. A number of dresses have great contrasts – pink fabric with black belts, blue and silver sequins on a light blue background, and beautiful lace patterns which emphasize formality.Wonderful Aqua Blue Quinceanera Dress One Shoulder Satin and Organza Beading Ball Gown

Aqua Blue Quinceanera Dress One Shoulder

Wonderful Aqua Blue Quinceanera Dress One Shoulder Satin and Organza Beading Ball Gown


If you’re looking for a dress you can wear more than once (not a bad idea) then a relatively plain Qinceanera dress can be made even more unique by using shoes, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even your hair style to make your appearance as special as can be. Now is the time to pamper yourself – go to your mom or a stylist and get a stunning hair style that brings out a whole new grown-up look to those who know you best.

If you do have a plain dress, why not try shoes with a cute pattern on them? Make sure if you decide to wear heels you keep them low – at this age, more than an inch or so is probably not appropriate. By choosing a solid color dress with shoes that feature a bold, complimentary pattern, you can change this signature piece of your Qinceanera puzzle out for other occasions.


Qinceanera only happens once in a young woman’s life, so enjoy it while it lasts and make some great memories with your friends and family!

Best Ideas Sweet Sixteen Quinceanera Party

A Sweet Sixteen is the most important birthday for young girls, particularly girls. A girl’s Sweet Sixteen is an indication of adulthood, which one spends with family, friends and other important people in their lives.
Choosing a theme or a location for a Sweet Sixteen can be the difficult part, some may want to celebrate it traditionally at home, and others may want to throw a dance or have a formal dinner party.

If your plans are to host a large party, then renting out a hotel ballroom or hall is ideal. Summer birthdays could have the option of hosting the party outside, if the weather permits.

Balls are usually formal or at the least semi-formal events. If you plan on having any formality, it would be best to inform your guests of the dress code in their invitations. Gowns would be recommended for the girls, and suits or tuxedos for the boys. The whole point of a masquerade is to dress in costume as somebody or something your not. Requiring masks to be worn or providing masks are essential to pulling the masquerade theme off.

This theme revolves around dancing, so hiring a DJ, playing CDS, or setting an iPod on shuffle will enable the guests to enjoy the night. A suggestion would be to have a special dance that the birthday girl shares with her dad or with her boyfriend while the other guests watch.

Hiring tarot card readers, and entertainment could create a more authentic masquerade.

Color Combinations: Red & Black & Gold, Teal & Silver, Dark Green & Black & Silver, Dark Purple & Gold.

Attire: Girls should be dressed in gowns, and boys in suits. Masks should be mandatory for all.

Food & Drink: A heavy meal may not be the best if you want to have your guests dancing. Providing a buffet-style appetizer selection leaves eating up to the guests.

Rather than having a cake, if you’re hosting a lot of guests, a variety of creative cupcakes matching your color combination could be fun.
white quinceanera dress
Quinceanera Dress is the most important factor in your party,some girls do not know where to buy a quinceanera dress and how to buy a perfect quinceanera dress. But now you can visit this online shop for quinceanera dress, and if you need some help,the customer service will give you the best ideals.

Where to buy a Quinceanera Dress Online

Buy a quinceanera dress is one of the most important part of planning a quinceanera, and it certainly is the most time consuming. In the end though, you are dressed like a princess in a beautiful quinceanera gown to celebrate your special day with family and friends.
Unless you decide to hire a dressmaker to make a custom piece for you, you are limited to the styles and dresses that can be found in your area. Fortunately, there is another way you can shop for your quince dress, or just shop around for ideas from the latest styles. There are several online retailers and designers that have their entire collections available online for you to browse and purchase.You can also find a online shop to custom made a quinceanera dress for you.

Here are some websites dedicated to Quinceanera celebrations to shop for your quinceanera dress.

The website is devoted to bringing you the latest styles in quinceanera dresses, as well as a small selection of the most popular dama dresses. quinceanera dress free shipping

The popular princess style dress is available in several different designs. Designs available in the collection go from the traditional tulle princess gown to a Southern Belle look to a Renaissance inspired dresses complete with trumpet sleeves.

Designer  away from the recent move towards more bridal looking gowns for quinceaneras, instead the collection has been designed around the traditional quince dress. Almost every dress has some color, especially if the gown itself is white. The quality and work that goes into each dress shows through in the detailed embroidery and intricate beading that makes each gown unique.

FashionOS is a one stop shop for planning your entire Quinceanera celebration. The Quince dresses are chosen from several designers and from even more websites to bring you the widest variety as possible. I like shopping from this website because everything, including the dresses, are categorized into party themes.

The offers two very traditional dress collections. The Dress Collection is made up of very formal dresses that come with optional straps and a matching bolero jacket. Five ring hoop frames are recommended for the ample skirts. The Sweet Collection consists of simpler dresses that focus on details and new designs.